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Advice for Short Term Mission

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Submitted by Mark 3 Communit... on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 00:38

See the resources below for some great advice about engaging in short term mission trips from people with experience all over the world. Ask questions, or contribute more ideas in the discussion below.

  • "Pack patience and a sense of humor. Try to make the inevitable glitches part of the adventure." - Buck Blanchard
  • "When beginning a relationship, spend a great deal of time sitting, learning, and sharing stories. Share your lives as well as learn the stories of the lives of your partners. Pray with and for one another, sing together, and walk in one another’s shoes for a while." - David Copley
  • "Go to be, not to do. The idea is to have two very different communities get to know one another and share a realization of their oneness in Christ. Doing your project is a means to that end, not the end in itself.  " -Buck Blanchard

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