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Theology for Short Term Mission

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Submitted by Mark 3 Communit... on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 00:17

Theology of Mission is often overlooked in preparing for mission trips, but it is essencial!

  • What is the difference between work and mission?
  • Is this my mission or God's?

Working through these questions and more can make the difference between a life-giving encounter and a harmful encounter. See the resources below for some great ways of thinking about the theology of mission for short term mission trips. Ask questions, or contribute more ideas in the discussion below.

  • "The language and framing of “[mission] trips” may well stand in the way of healthy thought and practice on Christian mission." -Heaney, What is Mission II
  • "Through discernment the first question is not, 'what should we do?' The first question is, 'who is God?' and 'what is the work of God?'" - Heaney, What is Mission
  • "Pilgrimage envisions our growing relationship with God, each other, and even the whole created order as a path to be discovered by the walking together." - Morck, Mission Trips as Pilgrimage
  • "The catholicity of the church is a kind of anti-globalization. In its universality, the church responds to local contexts and pressures while also showing forth the good news of Jesus Christ across the world." - Zink, A Catholic Church for a Global World

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